Thursday, 7 July 2011

About my RE

This is my 1978 RE 350cc standard model. modified it for this new look.

This was taken the day she came out afresh after i gave it for rework..... and i was more than satisfied by the mechanic. He goes by the name Sunder. He is a young mechanic may be in his 20's. In the beginning  when my big brother bought her from one of his colleague from his hotel, this was the mechanic where we started doing work on her. Earlier sunder's father use to handle all the work. Now he has kind of retired and does the managing stuff and all. We bought her in the end of my M.Sc Part I, may be around May of 2005. So now it is 6 years with us.

Earlier it had red color and was totally rusted, still i loved it that way. I am sure people seeing my bike may be wondering what a dirty bike. but that didn't made any difference to me cause it doesn't matters till it has piece of metal on it and of course you need to have a good engine and regular lubrication is needed to keep it in good running condition.

This was the first bike i had ridden, and it took quiet a while to learn the trick to ride this bike. i like it the kick start, unlike these days we get bullets with button start or electric start (don't know exactly what they say it). I have been back kicked lots of time, and boy it kick's back really hard. but to avoid you need to make sure you don't accelerate much when you kick start. you will learn after getting some really hard kicks. he he.......

Came across this really amazing font called "magneto". i just loved it. i guess i have seen these kind of fonts on the italian scooters. like the ones we get in indian Bajaj scooters. Planning to do some art work on my bike. a printed 1978 as 19Seventy8 using the magneto font and this would go in the side tool box on both the sides.unfortunetely this site dont have that font. let me see if i can get it in an image file. got it here it goes....

Magneto Font.

how about this line in Magneto Font "The Legend rides on" lets see how it looks. here it goes.


Here are some of the pics before the make over......

                                                IN RUST WE TRUST

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