Sunday, 26 August 2012

Yash Chopra's Untitled Movie starring Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

And yet again, yes. Time and again. Royal Enfield motorcycles has managed to make special appearance in movie's. Right from the Hollywood to Bollywood and don't know how many numbers of so called WOOD's film industry that exists in the great country of India.

Here comes another movie starring the legendary motorcycle and rest of the other so called star's by the people of india like Shahrukh Khan, Anuskha Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

Enjoy the pics

Dear miss Anushka Sharma, Please don't ride a motorcycle with that expression on your face. Atleast put up a good face for the camera.

Both SRK and Anushka should buckle up the helmet. They have not locked the strap. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

New cat pet.

And she appears in front of my at the thump of my bullet.

This is about a cat in my building,
actually a stray cat, wanders around the building boundary.
stray, but still not beyond the building boundary.

He is different from other cats that are stray,
may be cause he is always pampered by all the residents of the building as far as i remember.
I remember seeing him for the first time as a small cat, not long time ago.
And now he is nice healthy grown up cat.

And the best thing about him is he is different than other cats,
you can see it in his attitude, his body language says that.
he would run after everybody around him, May be trying to communicate something.
He make every effort to get peoples attention.

Best thing i like about him is, he comes running at me listening to my bullet motorcycle thumping sound.
No matter where he is, as far as the sound of my bullet reaches, he will come running.

seems like he relates me with the thump of my bullet, whenever he hears that thump he may be wondering i am around.

He deserves a photo in this post, need to kick start for the thump that will pull him towards me for a nice photo.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seabiscuit & Spirit - Stallion of Cimarron.

Seabiscuit, you were always there. Top in the list.

It was meant for me to see it, thanks Zee Studio for showing it.

Story about a horse and a his jockey and how both were similar to each other and how both helped each other to overcome hurdles. Life becomes more beautiful after they both meet each other. story about what happens when the horse and the jockey comes into each others life. both are alike.

nice movie. worth making a post.

One more movie on horses i like was "The Spirit - Stallion of cimarron". story about a horse. shows his attitude, aggression, love and emotions shown really well. music by bryan adams songs are really good.

He is a horse in the group who protects his fellow brother under the sun. he loves his world, his jungle which is his home and all mates in the jungle. he would fight against all odds to protect each and every one from the lot of mates. He falls in love and gets caught by humans who are constructing railway lines. He could sense that these human being are going to trespassing into his jungle which is a danger to him and all his mates. He fights against them and fails the human in making the railway line construction. This movie shows all the emotions, expressions are awesome. Possible only cause of the animation.

must watch...