Saturday, 24 November 2012

Reverse Brake and Clutch Levers that connect to the end of the handlebar

Saw a movie named DUMA. Its a nice movie about a wild animal cheetah named DUMA, a boy and his father. Apart from the movie being nice, one thing that caught my attention was the motorcycle used in the movie.

It was a BMW old motorcycle. And the thing i liked most about it was its handlebar had reverse brakes and clutch levers. I found this very interesting and would like to have them fitted in my Royal Enfield.

Not sure about how good is it to use. Have to start my hunt to check if i can find it somewhere in Mumbai or on the web.

Found a site that sells such products for BMW old models

Have emailed them with a query and a premission to upload a pic from their site with the reverse brake and clutch.

Found one image from the link

Not displaying the pic yet, have emailed the blogger to approve using that image in my blog post. looking forward to it.

For time being, art my VJ

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wanna Paint her Red and Black.

Wanna paint her Red and Black.

You know who she is??

Its none other than my Royal Enfield.

I am thinking of a paint job for some time now.

And this combination in particular has caught my attention.


Thats would go real awesome on my baby!!

It will be a long way before it actually happens, but an upload after the paint job is for sure.

Looking forward to it!!!!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

What is a Cafe Racer??

Well, a Cafe Racer..... hmmm. Sounds really a good name.

Its vintage, and its retro and trendy.

It has got some history which i am going to mention later in the post. A motorcycle with a long fuel tank, a single seater, a clip ons low rise handle bars.

In the 60's there was this "Ace Cafe" which was one of the places in london where you would race from one cafe to another these motorcycles became cafe racers.

solo seat,
nice tank you can lay on upon your chest and

taking a standard motorcycles and take off as mmuch metals from it to make it lighter , may be adding a bit more power,

the frames sitting higher off the ground, the pipes are higher off the ground, so you can lean her over on the turns,

the grips on the handle bars have to be lower than the tanks , you just want that motorcycle to be part of you, thats a cafe racer.

where people would come on their Motorcycles and bet would be on to visit the next cafe before the music on the juke box is finished.

more on here

Sunday, 23 September 2012

An unsuccessful trip to malshej ghat

I was planning for a trip to the malshej ghat for a long time. And it happened not out of any plan. love it when things do not happen as per plans and we do things just instantly. Just as this happened. i had a weekly off and i asked my brother (Vinod) if we can go for a trip to malsjeh, yes was the answer and we were off to the trip to malshej. It was a bit late for such a trip, we started at 12 in the noon. with a drizzle of rain we started our journey. it was a usual ride from home till the highway, loved the stretch from chinchoti to bhiwandi. Nice lush green picturesque location and nice roads above all. not much vehicle seen on this strecth which makes it even better for cruising. Take a left corner of the road and go along.

Next up was bhiwandi, it is famous for cotton handloom industries. its a small town. not well managed, typical indian town with bad roads and with the monsoon season it makes it even worse. but still its not a long drive till you reach kalyan city. and further more take a left to murbad. that is the road that takes you to malshej ghat.

We went on to that highway NH222. it was amazing feeling of freedom. It makes you forget all your worries. Every one needs to have that feeling out of your daily life. Well then as we kept on going, out of no where the most un expected thing happened. We had a flat tyre. A biker is always ready for such things to happen. And i was excited that it happened, but my brother was not. He started getting frustrated and annoyed. I told him such things happens and we have to enjoy this. We are stuck on a not so crowded highway. with 8-10 vehicles passing by every minute. Thats just an estimate to show how busy that place was. So next thing in my mind was to calm down vinod which i succeed in doing and even he started enjoying with what we were going through. Well what we were going through was burn lots of calories on the way through NH222. turn by turn. Vinod had a kinda funnily dressed for a country side place. he was wearing a shorts with bright colors and a printed T-Shirt and a nike ankle lenght boots and a elastic goggles used as a hair band. Well if he had weared those goggles on his eyes, definetely he would have been the eye candy. We managed to reach a tyre puncture place afer about 1 KM of walk... But to our dismay, the owner of the tyre repair shop just left for a namaz prayer. we enquired to local people we manage to find on the way about the next tyre puncture shop and it was one more KM away. We decided to keep the motorcycle there and walk or get a lift to the next tyre puncture shop.

We started off with a hope that we will get a lift from some one. We made many attempt to get a lift, but unsuccessfull. finally got one from a truck. he dropped us to the destination. he charged us 10 bucks, which under the circumstances was too less. but he was happy to charge us 10 bucks. i had 400 and some 20-30 rupees change in my wallet. and i wanted to make sure i have enough money cause i was not sure what was coming from the tyre puncture shop for fixing the tyre.

Well there he was, the tyre shopkeeper (Abdul) agreed to help us after we explained him our situation. We had few country side people surrounding us. To listen to our story and to give some of their feedback. Loved that attitude people have. Always wanted to help people. So Abdul and me set off to the place we had parked our motorcycle with his toolkits. while vinod decided to stay at the shop and talk to the local people puffing a cigrette.

we reached the location, i was delighted to see the motorcycle safely parked as it was left. we removed the rear tyre and went back to the shop to fix it. Me and abdul did the Damage Analysis, there was a nail pearsed into the tyre and entered the tube and a major damage was that there was a crack on the mac wheel and it was bend. I was badly hoping that the fix should be enough to reach us till the city kalyan atleast. Abdul said we need to replace the tube as it had many fixes and he said it would be really risky to go double seat on it. Another major concern for me was the cost of the tube, i just had 400 bucks with me. and replacing the tube and Abdul's labour charge should not exceed 400 rupees. and when he said about the final amount it was 410 rupees. 360 for the tube and 50 rupees for labour. Good that we were not short of money, otherwise i would have got angry on vinod for not allowing me to go to an ATM to get cash. Anyways all's well that ends well. Me and Abdul went back to the place where we had parked the motorcycle after replacing the tube. Tyre was fixed and i kickstarted and off we went to pick vinod from the shop. Abdul advised to ride slow between 40-50 KMPH and aviod riding through the rough roads.

We started the return journey, there was no way we could have thought of going to malshej since we were in a risk of damaging the mac wheel. with the damage of the mac wheel in our mind we were comng back home. but we enjoyed the ride. while coming back we decided to have some photo session and we took a halt to have some photos clicked. we did some photography parking the motorcycle besides the highway. While we were still doing some photography, heard a bullet sound. saw there was one bullet coming with 3 people sitting on it. we asked them if there was any bullet garage near by. That guy turned out to be a bullet mechanic himself and he said there wont be any problem going till vasai. Also he suggested us some good macwheel that may last till 10 years, the brand RADO mac wheels are very good he said. need to find these mac wheels in mumbai. May be i can get  it at grant road.

Moving on with no money left in the pocket, kept on asking where the next ATM is. finally reached to the suburb of Kalyan city and managed to find a citi bank atm , withdraw some cash and went to have something to eat at the next dhaba. Thats how the unsuccessfull journey to malshej ends. Was a fun ride. But Malshej has to be invaded by me and my motorcycle. Not now but some where in the future and there will be a blog post for that.

This road takes you to the malshej........

The rider is Vinod. And myself Pillion. I know we should be wearing the helmet. Helmet was taken off for this photo.

Came across this eye candy building structure.. Is a temple from the looks of it.....

Motorcycle was riding us till it had a flat tyre and i had to ride her till the next tyre puncture shop.... was a good work out.... On NH222.

Vinod's turn to ride the motorcycle.....Vinod racing with a villager...

Thats a tired vinod after we reached the tyre puncture shop

After the tyre puncture fixed.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Yash Chopra's Untitled Movie starring Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

And yet again, yes. Time and again. Royal Enfield motorcycles has managed to make special appearance in movie's. Right from the Hollywood to Bollywood and don't know how many numbers of so called WOOD's film industry that exists in the great country of India.

Here comes another movie starring the legendary motorcycle and rest of the other so called star's by the people of india like Shahrukh Khan, Anuskha Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

Enjoy the pics

Dear miss Anushka Sharma, Please don't ride a motorcycle with that expression on your face. Atleast put up a good face for the camera.

Both SRK and Anushka should buckle up the helmet. They have not locked the strap. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

New cat pet.

And she appears in front of my at the thump of my bullet.

This is about a cat in my building,
actually a stray cat, wanders around the building boundary.
stray, but still not beyond the building boundary.

He is different from other cats that are stray,
may be cause he is always pampered by all the residents of the building as far as i remember.
I remember seeing him for the first time as a small cat, not long time ago.
And now he is nice healthy grown up cat.

And the best thing about him is he is different than other cats,
you can see it in his attitude, his body language says that.
he would run after everybody around him, May be trying to communicate something.
He make every effort to get peoples attention.

Best thing i like about him is, he comes running at me listening to my bullet motorcycle thumping sound.
No matter where he is, as far as the sound of my bullet reaches, he will come running.

seems like he relates me with the thump of my bullet, whenever he hears that thump he may be wondering i am around.

He deserves a photo in this post, need to kick start for the thump that will pull him towards me for a nice photo.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seabiscuit & Spirit - Stallion of Cimarron.

Seabiscuit, you were always there. Top in the list.

It was meant for me to see it, thanks Zee Studio for showing it.

Story about a horse and a his jockey and how both were similar to each other and how both helped each other to overcome hurdles. Life becomes more beautiful after they both meet each other. story about what happens when the horse and the jockey comes into each others life. both are alike.

nice movie. worth making a post.

One more movie on horses i like was "The Spirit - Stallion of cimarron". story about a horse. shows his attitude, aggression, love and emotions shown really well. music by bryan adams songs are really good.

He is a horse in the group who protects his fellow brother under the sun. he loves his world, his jungle which is his home and all mates in the jungle. he would fight against all odds to protect each and every one from the lot of mates. He falls in love and gets caught by humans who are constructing railway lines. He could sense that these human being are going to trespassing into his jungle which is a danger to him and all his mates. He fights against them and fails the human in making the railway line construction. This movie shows all the emotions, expressions are awesome. Possible only cause of the animation.

must watch...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

How i learned to replace accelerator cable for my STD bullet 350.

I was on my way to meet my fiance on my bullet and the accelerator cable broke....... :-(

I guess it explains it all how does that feel.....

So me and Minu (My fiance) decided to see vicky donor in thane (Since Thane being the centre point for both of us, i am from vasai and Minu is frmo Ambernath) and she even wanted to meet my bullet. Ofcourse i was excited. i started off from home, got to the petrol pump to fill enough petrol that will last my return journey vasai-thane-vasai, that makes around 80KM's total. and just done with petrol and kick start and accelarate and the most unexpected thing happened. The accelerator cable broke :-(. Of all the time i was riding her, she never gave up on me and when i was in full excitment to meet my fiance and above all to show her to my fiance. That was the time when she gave up on me. On an emotional note and being a passionate RE Bullet follower, i knew the exact reason for why she gave up on me..... and i will reveal that in the later stage of the post.

i was desperate to fix that. it was sunday, called up my bullet mechanic but all my efforts in vain. Ofcourse it was sunday and that the day every garage is shut. i was all sweaty and frustrated and was so angry on my bullet. I had to make a decision either find a way to fix her or reach the destination by ST Bus cause i never wanted to reach late for movie at least in the begining of our relationship. i gave up and ST Bus was there for my rescue.

Called up Minu and updated her about the situation and she was just cool with what happened and i met her at the movie hall. we missed 5-10 minutes of movie start. she said me not to worry about being late and i was so relieved. And she still handles me well with my habit of getting late. As you know the truth cannot be hidden for a long time. And i enjoyed the movie and Minu's company for the rest of the time we were together.

So done with the movie and the date, now comes the question. HOW TO FIX THE ACCELERATOR CABLE???? Of course i need to replace it with a new cable and thats the best solution.

My first session started with removing the existing broken cable and make a note how to assemble it back once i get a new replacement cable. I did had some difficulty to understand how to get the cable off from the Carb.

Next, went to the auto spare part shop, got the cable. then started the second session with the bullet. and i screwed up big time in this session. i messed up with the carb piston. During replacing the throttle cable, one end goes inside the carb and another one ends at the accelerator. There is a piston inside the carb that controls the air and fuel mixture into the engine. so upon acceleration the piston moves up and down since it has a spring that stops the air/fuel flow when accelerator is rested.

The piston fits in the carb in a way and which i did not follow caused the piston to jam and it was not free flowing.

BRAKE TO BANTA HAI.... Rest after the break....

below link helped a bit with replacing the cable.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland, a british movie starring johhny depp, kate winslet.

Engaged to Minu!!

And i got engaged to a girl with the most beautiful heart and a smile on 17th May 2012. All happened at such a fast pace and i am happy with the way things have gone. Longs since i have posted. though there are no audience for my blog, its always good to write up and update. today almost 2 months since me and minu know each other. so many thing i have known about her, so many things to know about her. its an amazing feeling!!! i can feel myself changed and changed for better. life is beautiful and will always be beautiful!! she is all her friends fav and she has got so many friends.... and i go by the name teddy for her.

will upload the engagement pics soon.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Kerala 2012

Visited Native place kerala 23rd Jan to 2nd Feb 2012. Nice pics

This was taken while the train passed by the Bekel Fort Station. can see the Bekel Fort in the above picture. the station was beautifully located. Like around 2 KMs away from the station you could see the arabian sea.

A performer at the carnival at our native place temple festival. performing the role of Shiva and his expressions were very intense showing anger, happiness and agression. it was a worth watching him perform. Enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Motorcycles i want to see in front of me if not even able to ride

i fascinate about the past models of motorcycles from Roal Enfields. I keep searching about them on the Web and read about them. But really if possible, there are some motorcycle models that i need to see in front of me and ride it if possible. Following are the models.

RE Interceptor.
RE Constellation.
RE Cafe Racer.

All these three models never made it to india after original company shifted base to chennai. it was bullet initially then came the Machismo, electra, thunderbird and now the various range of classics( 350, 500, chrome, desert storm ). In the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 they displayed the Thunderbird 500 and cafe racer.

But still these three models listed above are the once not launched in india, just seeing it on the web.

Images on the way...

In continuation to above wishlist, could you belive what i was close seeing one of the above models in front of me as an eye witness. Yes, i did see a Royal Enfield Motor Cycle modified to look like a Cafe Racer. I went to south mumbai on 13th Feb 2012 and at round grand round area there was this shop named grant selling motorcycle accessories. i stopped by and just as i parked my RE to enter the shop. This Eye candy thing caught my attention.  check out the pic below.

How about the original RE Cafe Racer, lets see how successfull is the above modification RE motorcycle is in an attempt to be a Cafe Racer. Below is the original Royal Enfield Cafe Racer at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo. you can see in the pic Constellation and the STD Bullet 350 also.