Monday, 10 October 2011

Blackburn Rover's, you have got a new fan following!

Enough of Manchester United. Every one wants to support the Champions. In a Champion club, money speaks. Now its time to support clubs that play for survival in the Premier League. Blackburn Rover's!!!! and one thing special is that now its owned by an Indian. Venky's chicken bought it. And also the fact that it being the one of the four team's that have won the Premier League. The other three are Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

The BR Team made a tour in India which was a historic moment. being the first English Premier League Team to make it to India and played a game with Pune FC.

 The club's Latin motto is "Arte et labore", the club's translation of which is "By
 Skill & Hard Work".

Go Blackburn Go.......................

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