Thursday, 4 October 2012

What is a Cafe Racer??

Well, a Cafe Racer..... hmmm. Sounds really a good name.

Its vintage, and its retro and trendy.

It has got some history which i am going to mention later in the post. A motorcycle with a long fuel tank, a single seater, a clip ons low rise handle bars.

In the 60's there was this "Ace Cafe" which was one of the places in london where you would race from one cafe to another these motorcycles became cafe racers.

solo seat,
nice tank you can lay on upon your chest and

taking a standard motorcycles and take off as mmuch metals from it to make it lighter , may be adding a bit more power,

the frames sitting higher off the ground, the pipes are higher off the ground, so you can lean her over on the turns,

the grips on the handle bars have to be lower than the tanks , you just want that motorcycle to be part of you, thats a cafe racer.

where people would come on their Motorcycles and bet would be on to visit the next cafe before the music on the juke box is finished.

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