Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Office

Check out my office snaps

working on sunday. well its boring working on weekends as everyone says, but i dont really feel so. not much work to do, no manager is going to ask you status of task assigned to you. You have the freedom to work. may be learn new things.

anyways i worked for sometime and decide to take a walk outside in the campus. It was nice sunshine. lately we hardly get to see sun. so got an opportunity to click some snaps. The sunshine made the campus look picturesque.

here are the pics.....

That stage set up for something called TGIM (Thanks God Its Monday) and conducted every monday. and Employees can perform like sing, dance. its like live concert. It's quiet a crowd puller. there are some really good talent.

Look at the crowd. like performance in progress. thats on TGIM (Thanks God Its Monday). Nice concept. I like it. The crowd do enjoy the performance.

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