Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Arshad Warsi to the top of the world (Leh) on RE

Yo Man!!! that how Rocky Balboa greets. :-). "Yo Adrian" he would call his wifey.

Anyways i just came across Arshad Warsi's twitter and learned that he was on a trip to Leh and Ladhakh on a RE Eclectra. Here are the pics on arshad warsi's twitter.

Good to know that bollywood celebs also doing rides to Leh.

so i came across Arshad's twitter after i saw globetrotter on TLC. The great Ian Wright doing a show on bollywood. so he is on the sets of Golmaal3 in goa and having fun, also Ian wright rides a bullet in this.

and yes, here is the bullet song from English Folk singer  Gray Hawke.

Nice one, njoy it!!!

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