Sunday, 29 July 2012

How i learned to replace accelerator cable for my STD bullet 350.

I was on my way to meet my fiance on my bullet and the accelerator cable broke....... :-(

I guess it explains it all how does that feel.....

So me and Minu (My fiance) decided to see vicky donor in thane (Since Thane being the centre point for both of us, i am from vasai and Minu is frmo Ambernath) and she even wanted to meet my bullet. Ofcourse i was excited. i started off from home, got to the petrol pump to fill enough petrol that will last my return journey vasai-thane-vasai, that makes around 80KM's total. and just done with petrol and kick start and accelarate and the most unexpected thing happened. The accelerator cable broke :-(. Of all the time i was riding her, she never gave up on me and when i was in full excitment to meet my fiance and above all to show her to my fiance. That was the time when she gave up on me. On an emotional note and being a passionate RE Bullet follower, i knew the exact reason for why she gave up on me..... and i will reveal that in the later stage of the post.

i was desperate to fix that. it was sunday, called up my bullet mechanic but all my efforts in vain. Ofcourse it was sunday and that the day every garage is shut. i was all sweaty and frustrated and was so angry on my bullet. I had to make a decision either find a way to fix her or reach the destination by ST Bus cause i never wanted to reach late for movie at least in the begining of our relationship. i gave up and ST Bus was there for my rescue.

Called up Minu and updated her about the situation and she was just cool with what happened and i met her at the movie hall. we missed 5-10 minutes of movie start. she said me not to worry about being late and i was so relieved. And she still handles me well with my habit of getting late. As you know the truth cannot be hidden for a long time. And i enjoyed the movie and Minu's company for the rest of the time we were together.

So done with the movie and the date, now comes the question. HOW TO FIX THE ACCELERATOR CABLE???? Of course i need to replace it with a new cable and thats the best solution.

My first session started with removing the existing broken cable and make a note how to assemble it back once i get a new replacement cable. I did had some difficulty to understand how to get the cable off from the Carb.

Next, went to the auto spare part shop, got the cable. then started the second session with the bullet. and i screwed up big time in this session. i messed up with the carb piston. During replacing the throttle cable, one end goes inside the carb and another one ends at the accelerator. There is a piston inside the carb that controls the air and fuel mixture into the engine. so upon acceleration the piston moves up and down since it has a spring that stops the air/fuel flow when accelerator is rested.

The piston fits in the carb in a way and which i did not follow caused the piston to jam and it was not free flowing.

BRAKE TO BANTA HAI.... Rest after the break....

below link helped a bit with replacing the cable.

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