Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seabiscuit & Spirit - Stallion of Cimarron.

Seabiscuit, you were always there. Top in the list.

It was meant for me to see it, thanks Zee Studio for showing it.

Story about a horse and a his jockey and how both were similar to each other and how both helped each other to overcome hurdles. Life becomes more beautiful after they both meet each other. story about what happens when the horse and the jockey comes into each others life. both are alike.

nice movie. worth making a post.

One more movie on horses i like was "The Spirit - Stallion of cimarron". story about a horse. shows his attitude, aggression, love and emotions shown really well. music by bryan adams songs are really good.

He is a horse in the group who protects his fellow brother under the sun. he loves his world, his jungle which is his home and all mates in the jungle. he would fight against all odds to protect each and every one from the lot of mates. He falls in love and gets caught by humans who are constructing railway lines. He could sense that these human being are going to trespassing into his jungle which is a danger to him and all his mates. He fights against them and fails the human in making the railway line construction. This movie shows all the emotions, expressions are awesome. Possible only cause of the animation.

must watch...

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