Saturday, 24 November 2012

Reverse Brake and Clutch Levers that connect to the end of the handlebar

Saw a movie named DUMA. Its a nice movie about a wild animal cheetah named DUMA, a boy and his father. Apart from the movie being nice, one thing that caught my attention was the motorcycle used in the movie.

It was a BMW old motorcycle. And the thing i liked most about it was its handlebar had reverse brakes and clutch levers. I found this very interesting and would like to have them fitted in my Royal Enfield.

Not sure about how good is it to use. Have to start my hunt to check if i can find it somewhere in Mumbai or on the web.

Found a site that sells such products for BMW old models

Have emailed them with a query and a premission to upload a pic from their site with the reverse brake and clutch.

Found one image from the link

Not displaying the pic yet, have emailed the blogger to approve using that image in my blog post. looking forward to it.

For time being, art my VJ

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