Saturday, 26 January 2013

Racing with RD350.

The other day i did a Vasai-Dadar Siddhiviniyak Temple - Matunga Kocchu Guruvayur Ambalam - Kalwa Ayyappa Temple - vasai via ghodbunder road with my wifey and ?? and who else my babyy...... Bullet 350.

A total of 54 + 5 + 27 + 40 = 136 KM's... WOW!!!! Aint that amazing!!!

while returning from Kalwa - vasai, we came across a RD350 trying to race with us. At around Majiwada circle the RD350 came close to us trying to race with us in a moving traffic making way through all possible gaps between rest of the vehicles. And it caught my attention hearing that typical sound of a RD350. I always liked this motorcycle for its sound and the speed it attains. some say it can attain a speed upto 165KMPH and 0-100 KMPH in 7 seconds. And all these statistic in the 1980 decade was a huge thing in india. I remember it had a name "Rajdoot" written in its Long Fuel Tank and "Torque Induction" in the side tool box. It was the first performance motorcycle for india. It actually is a Yahama make byke but sold in inda in the name of Rajdoot with some modification done to increase milage and reduce power( from 40 BHP to 31 BHP ).

So we did a considerable amount of racing in midst of traffic, surely the one who has good control and handling of their motorcycle will be leading and hence i was leading as i had good control and handling of my baby. But where ever there was a stretch of open space RD350 would vrooomm past me and i use to catch up again at next traffic signal.

Finally there came a turn where the RD350 had to leave the race and i had to take my ride forward towards the ghodbunder road. That racing through that small stretch of highway in thane was like my baby bullet350 is communicating with RD 350. It was awesome feeling. Loved it.

Also shared told my wifey what RD350 was and that i am going to buy one some day.

Few pics from that trip and also a RD350 pic from the web.

By the way, just a thought crossed my mind. Wouldn't a RD350 make and awesome Cafe Racer?? i think it has all the power and looks needed to be a Cafe Racer.

Anyways enjoy the pic.

By the way a RD350 would make an awesome Cafe Racer.