Monday, 15 August 2011

Royal Enfield Models

This blog is for different models of Royal Enfield. Past and present. Also some of the collection of pictures from the internet. I have not made a note of most of the pictures sources.

So here it goes....Enjoy!!!!

Warning:- This Post is too long and can be really boring. Only meant for Real Royal Enfield Followers. Other may not enjoy. But those who liked it are welcome to be a RE FAN CLUB.

I have this logo in my front mudguard. complete copper. got it at babloo motors. many more accessories available at babloo motors at vashi, Navi Mumbai. India.

Both looking at each other and saying "Bhaiyaaaa"

Now that's called Retro Styling. An article on Bullet standard 350. Look at the bend exhaust. make's it a complete retro. I like the open faced helmet with the elastic goggles. planning to by soon. Will post it as soon as i get it. Tried looking for it in a few of the Shops. Search is on and i am sure i can find one in mumbai. Many options available just have to try it.



 Now this was at RE Riders Mania, speciality is this one has the registration of the same series as my byke MME wala biradri ka hai yeh. Mine is MME 2321

 Nudity at its best

 The Classic

 Interceptor 750cc

 Interceptor 750cc and Road Racer 250cc

Royal Enfield Carberry V Twin engine

 Royal Enfield Carberry V Twin engine

 Royal Enfield Carberry V Twin engine - Custom Made

Yes, its indeed a Legend 

 Royal Enfield Robot (Courtesy actual link

 Royal Enfield makes it to the HOLLYWOOD. Special Appearance in the movie Friday the 13th

Biker Babes modelling for Royal Enfield. Now isn't it Glamorous??

Now this model had a specialty which had the functionality to shift gear to neutral directly from any gear. The lever you see above the gear was used for that. The RE that i have also have that functionality to bring the bike to neutral directly from any gear.

 A Vintage Look
Royal Enfield Cafe Racer. Riding with a Open faced Helmet and Elastic goggles is a Trade Mark styling to ride a Cafe Racer.

Now that's an open faced helmet with a elastic goggles. Thats what i am looking for in a city of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. haven't tried that hard, but i am sure i can find one...................................Found one at babloo motors Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Didn't liked it.quality was too bad. made in china kind of stuff.

Got this from Babloo Motors, Vashi. Navi Mumbai. This will go to the rear mudguard. just below the pillion seat and above the tail light. 

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  1. nice post but for the CZ-Jawa photo in the middle. you might want to remove your mistake ;)