Saturday, 6 August 2011

Browsing Blogs

i am just browsing through blogs. clicking on next blog, next blog, next blog.......... till i come across something intresting. now intresting is nothing specific. but i realise that, blogs that are related to families is what intrests me. authors in the family (mom or dad) writing their experience about their new bron babies. They are so cute. they post their cute and beautiful pictures. This just gives me wonderful feeling of getting married and have family. Its just amazing. Having a family, wife, kids. love them. take care of them, cook for them, dress them, everything is about them. and i have always loved this thing about my own family. which i don't have right now. My family right now is My Mom, Dad, and 2 brothers. 3 more members will be coming into the family and from there it will keep on growing. we are going to be a one big family.

This blog thing is really great, you get to learn so many things. there are so many creative bloggers. the way they design their blogs and the way they write down their feeling. i wonder how they do it. may be i haven't tested my capability myself. i think even i can do it. i am trying to. lets see, some day i will do it.

anyways i am loving those family blogs, seeing those cute and beautiful babies!!

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