Sunday, 7 August 2011

following and following and following and not getting tired

Oh my goodness, m browsing the Blogs and i am not getting tired liking the Family type of BLOGS. just have a look at how many blogs i have started following. i have spend so much times following some blogs . i am just loving it. the experience of having a family they are sharing, i love it. It not always pleasure that they are sharing. they even share the difficulties they face being a parent. and how much pleasure it gives even in that difficulties. How much faith they have in themselves and god that things will turn out well. how parent spend sleepless night cause their kids will sleep the whole day and not at night, so these parents has to be up all night making their kid sleep. he he he he he he . here hubby and wifey make deals like some days of the week hubby will stay up at night to sleep the kids and some days wifey will be up taking care of the kids. After all they are human beings. some are sacrificing their careers so that she/he can be a full time parent to their kids. it doesn't matters if they are facing financial difficulties in the process. it shows how important it is to raise your kid by themselves rather than babysit them. its really a brave choice to make. But then we have to also see the other side of life. Some are forced to rely on baby sitting for their kids. i am sure no one would want to babysit their kids. but its life and we have to make win some you loose some. that how life is.

anyways on the brighter side i will try to read as much as FAMILY blogs cause it makes me feel so good, till i myself have my wifey and kids. ohh m just loving the feeling of it.......... then i will be posting tooooo .........

bye cheersss!!!!!

do i have some followers??? it doesn't matters. m following myself. that's enough.

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