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The Great Maratha of Modern Times (Singham)

Hello there, no post for quiet a long time. so i was really trying hard for a subject to post on my Blog. I don't think so it is too long since i last posted, but i am just reading people's blogs so much that i started to feel that even i should write something. So here it goes.

So the big question was "What to write"?? Well ofcourse, i can write something that impressed me or influenced me or inspired me that i feel i should share with the unknown people on the web (if at all anyone is following me). Well inshort something that is really rocking!!!!!. I tried to find that subject and came up with this something. "The Great Maratha". This topic came to my mind only after seeing this awesome movie Singham (means Lion). Singham is a sanskrit word. So the story is about this guy named Bajirao Singham, he is a maratha (Maratha are like warriors, they use to be the warriors to the Great Maratha King "Shivaji". The maratha's called him Raje Shivaji). One of my Maratha friend (Sachin tailor) use to tell me stories about the maratha's. In his (sachin tailor's) native place there are these real maratha people. They will go out carrying a sword along with them. Ofcourse not to scare people but to protect the people. They will wear a mustach just like Raje Shivaji had. And the will never tolerate any unfair things happen in their society or village. They will fight against any injustice done to their people. They would behave just like a warriors. They would behave like the saviors of the common people and would do this as their duty.

My friend says, now it is very difficult to find a real Marathas in his native. Still there are Maratha people who have their sword but they do not use them. Things are changing so much and so fast that everyone has to change. Those were the times when marathas use to think that it was their prime duty to protect their society or village from any injustice happening to the people and they did it with passion and pride. As time passed on, things have changed drastically. Now the time is such that not only the man in the family but also female in the family has to think how to earn the bread and butter for the family. Earning money is need of the hour, With the kind of government that is ruling the nation no one is feeling secure. Its like "Everyone for Themselves". you cannot expect any good things happening from the people who are ruling the nation. Even if the leaders are good, not necessarily means his followers are working with same passion. Now people do not have faith in their Leaders like those days people had faith in their King's. Things have changed so much since those days. so has the maratha's. And this change is quiet natural.

In those times being a real maratha was a matter of pride. But now i wonder what is it that brings pride in us? is it the amount of money you earn, or the job you do. Even i don't have answer to this question, untill i saw the movie "SINGHAM".

This design is really great piece of art work.

That showcased me the real Maratha that i heard from my friend. So this movie potraits the Real Maratha who is there for the people, to serve them, protect them, and be a hero to them. i could literally feel what was a real Maratha was when they were in their prime. Singham did not tolerated any injustice done. He would react to every injustice done to the people. He was the servant of the people. He had the backing of all his supporter. I loved every bit of this movie. The real qualities of a maratha were shown. The dialogues and the action was real good. As a whole movie it was a complete package with action, humor and romance.

There was one misunderstanding i had about the lead actress in the movie, i was wondering that the actress was Tanushree Dutta. Which i was wrong. The actress is actually kajal Aggarwal. both look very much identical. Well the real Maratha was played by Ajay Devgan. He is the favourite of the masses. All the villagers loves him and they are ready to do anything to help Singham. Being a Police Inspector he use to handle law and order in his own way. He would avoid punishing the people who do crimes and try to understand the criminals problem and understand what were the circumstances that made him do that crime. and he would help the criminal overcome his problem to such extends that he would even help the criminal using his own finance. Singham has this reputation because of what he has made his real image with his attitude to help people. He would put people before himself to help them. Serving the other people and not being selfish was his main qualities. This was his most valuable asset he had. and to add to it he had a life partner who would support him. She loved him for what his real qualities were, his honesty, his boldness, being courageous, big hearted. Its so important to have a partner who have faith and beilef in their partner. its makes a person more stronger to have a partner like this.

Anyways, This movie is worth watching. I enjoyed it and everyone present in the Movie theatre also enjoyed. everyone were cheering. one more reason for me to like this movie was that it showed Singham riding on Royal Enfiled Bullet. And i felt proud seeing that. Its a special feeling only a Real Royal Enfield lover can understand.

Singham riding the Legend-Royal Enfield Bullet.

Anyways i think i have written enough for me to be quiet for some more days to come. I suppose it is a good writeup.

one more thing i want to write about was a serial i saw yesterday on star world named " Lie To Me". i enjoyed it a lot. Its about this guy having special ability to read people's face based upon their facial expression. I have seen the lead actor from this serial in a movie "The Incredible Hulk". speakes with a Brit accent. For the name of the actor let me google it. will be back in a bit..................its Tim Roth. I will try to catch up every episode of the series.

bye for now.....

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  • I am not promoting this movie, just an appreciation for the good work and having me to see the Maratha that i had heard of.

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