Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Its My Life.

A bit of poetry. just trying. hope it turns out well. by the way good news i got at night is that one of my friend was blessed with a Baby Boy !!! Tara ne ek aur tara paida kiya.......

Its My Life. ( for time being, these are just raw words )

Its My Life. And i want to live it the way i want to live it.
so what if other thinks that its not the right way i am living my life, still i want to live it "My Way".

I want to get hurt, I want to experience Pain, I want to fall down and i want to get up on my own.

I want to make my own decisions, weather right or wrong.
and even if it is wrong i want to overcome on my own.

cause its my life and i want to live it.

The fun of life is to LIVE it.

i want to experience it all. I believe in my self that i can live my life.

If life is a race, i don't want to win that race.
I want to walk that race and stand last in that race.
being part of that race is enough for me.
it doesn't matters at-least for me how i  fared  in my race.

i want to win some and i want to loose some.
i don't care if some things don't want to wait for me.
I want to live in my own way, cause in pursuit of that something, i am missing out in life to live.

i want to blindly fall in love, forever and for always.
i want to feel the emotions of being in love,
i want to feel the pain of being in love,
i want to feel the pleasure of being in love,
i want to have that special feeling of being in love.
and i will treasure it all my life.
cause love is the only thing i have got. its a valuable asset inherited in me.

zindagi ka mazzza to jeene mai hai......

thats it.... will have to arrange it properly.


  1. Nice blog dude ! Keep writing .



  2. hey bikerbt, m so glad that u commented!!!! i just kept on writing what ever crossed my mind. thnanks for the comment.....

  3. Heeey! thanks soo much for your comment on my site! it's reallly nice of have really great skills yourself and I hope you take yourself somewhere with it..if you have any questions or need any me!