Monday, 15 August 2011

New Mirrors for my Old Byke

Finally, got a good news!!! New pair of Mirror's for my Byke.

Here's the whole story.

My byke broke her right hand side mirror while a vehicle on the opposite side touched it accidently and it broke. i thanked that guy for doing it. actually i was tired of that old mirror. And i was so busy i couldn't find time to buy new pair of mirror. Finally my brother got it for me. Dying to see how it looks.

Will post the pics of my byke with the New pair of mirror.

yaaaahhhoooooo!!!! i wanna go home and ride my byke till...... like forever......and for always.... he he ... i wish if i could do to.

i know i sound crazyyy... cause, carzyy i am.!!!

i am waiting for the bike to come, i have reached home at 5pm. and its 9pm now. waiting and waiting. but waiting for what? for a ride of course.... anyways forgot to wish. Happy Independence Day!!!!

bhai bhai.....

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